"A true original of a true original!
Magical Universe has reaped rave reviews and awards – 
and shown the spotlight on Albert Nickerson Carbee,
undoubtedly one of the 20th century’s most unique artists.
Affectionate... Whimsical... Engaging"
–Mark Burger, Yes! Weekly

"Fascinating! Having won awards at numerous film festivals,

'Magical Universe' is one of the most compelling documentaries
about an artist to have come along in quite a while."

"Strange and beautiful...
Crafted in a style that brings us practically inside

the brain of the 88-year old outsider artist...
Filled with jack-in-the-box surprises!"

"Whimsical.... Affectionate...
A tender portrait of the artist
as a weirdly gifted, wildly prolific, and strange man."
- Michael Rechtshaffen, LOS ANGELES TIMES

"[Director Jeremy] Workman has an especial talent
for crafting compact emotional arcs,
and he captures the poignancy of Carbee's drive to create ideal images...
This story is about tenderness and empathy."
- Abby Garnett, VILLAGE VOICE

A Weekly Pick

"One of the best documentaries of the year...
Quietly stunning and endlessly thought-provoking...
As it moves quickly along, it just gets better, deeper,
more resonant and profound, more humane, moving."
-James van Maanen, TRUST MOVIES 

"A moving story about staying trueto one's passion,
and the dogged devotion of a creative person to his art."
-Emily Burnham, BANGOR DAILY NEWS 

"A splendid job of capturing Carbee's childlike wonder
about the process of creativity, his identity as an artist,
and the joy he derives from his art!"
-George Heymont, HUFFINGTON POST

Huffington Post calls Magical Universe
one of 15 Documentaries to watch out for in 2014

We just all loved it"
-Woodstock Film Festival Documentary Jurors
(Joe Berlinger, Liz Garbus, Cynthia Kane)
"Claustrophobic, intense, and emotional...
Workman's sincerity and directorial skill
elevate this documentary to a superior level...
Completely unlike any documentary, and better for it!"  

"This is a really good film...
I wasn't expecting to have been as moved by it as I was...
Actually, it's one of the real suprises of perhaps the film year"  
"A poignant and layered portrait...
Workman goes deeper, trying to understand what drives Carbee
to create his intricate, surreal, self-referential universe."  
 "Takes you inside an artist's world, allows you to experience his art,
and more importantly, allows you experience the man…
A crackerjack documentary that is worth seeking out!
That's pretty solid praise."
"A really wild card...A really really weird film...
Something really special."
-Las Vegas Review-Journal
 "Truly original, truly bizarre…
As strange as Al Carbee seems,
this film validates his life's work and that's a noble enterprise."  
-Andrew Coffin,
Touching… Emotional… Raw… 
None of the normal adjectives seem to find the right chord…
We almost find ourselves at a loss for words.
You have to see this film!"  
-Lance Boyer,
 "Fascinating and intriguing"
-Nikki Artale, Las Vegas Informer
"Who knew a film so full of Barbie dolls could also be so full of humanity?
Jeremy Workman’s strange, touching documentary stays on the brain
long after it has flashed before the eyes."
-Jonathan Kiefer, San Francisco Film Critics Circle
“One of the most interesting
and inspiring documentaries I've ever seen... 
Fantastic themes of friendship and love”  
-Clay Bloodworth, Gulf Breeze News