MagicalUniverse_AlCarbee_HoldingCamera2_72dpi.jpegAL CARBEE
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Professionally trained in portraiture, lifelong Maine resident Al Carbee devoted over two decades to photographing Barbie dolls. Carbee's portraits evoke Hollywood studio images and feature elaborate backdrops built by the artist. "Every Barbie is different," Carbee says. "Every Barbie has a theme. I photograph her so that every situation she's in, she feels comfortable."

Born and raised in Portland Maine, Carbee studied at the Portland School of Art (Now the Maine College of Art) for two years. In 1937, he attended the Scott Carbee School of Art (founded by his photographer uncle) in Boston for another two years. Carbee also enlisted with the U.S. Army during World War II as an X-ray technician. Carbee also worked as a commercial artist, mural painter, photo-editor, professional portrait artist, Go-kart salesman, Photomat employee, among other things.